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We believe that teamwork is essential in spreading the word about Chefya. That’s why you’ll get to hear about everything that’s going on in the Chefya world before anybody else – after all, you are our teammate.

Receive surprise gifts in the mail for your monitored progress

The more Chefya grows, the more your gifts will grow. It’s just our way of saying thank you.

Be a Chefya VIP

Get invited to exclusive Chefya events.

Become an Executive Ambassador

Top performing ambassadors will be chosen to become part of our selective executive ambassador program.

What do you have to do?

Being a Chefya ambassador is pretty simple

  • Our ambassador program is free. There is absolutely no cost to participate
  • Spread the word about Chefya
  • Invite new users – Invite as many new cooks and bakers to join Chefya (click invite friends on your profile page). The more cooks and bakers you have performing under your Chefya down line, the more rewards you will receive, and the better your chance will be of becoming an executive ambassador